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This site is a gathering place for people self-studying for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) exam. We are not officially associated with the APMG or the Society for Technical Communication (STC) (though many of us are members). If you hit any snags, we recommend you engage one of several excellent accredited trainers.

How to Use This Site

The CPTC Study Group website is a hub to connect people to the Slack channel, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Google Docs, GitHub, and email. Eventually we hope to add a calendar component for people to schedule study sessions with others.

The blog will follow a content calendar schedule of one syllabus area per week, or you can binge anytime by browsing the pages on this site and their associated repositories.

Stay Connected


You can join us on the Slack for real-time discussion and to keep in touch with folks from the community.

Study Materials

Use the menu at the top to open each topic. Within each main topic are the sub-topics with a map from the syllabus to the textbook in GitHub (please fork and add!), worksheets to print (writing things by hand increases memory), and blog posts (another way to increase memory is to teach someone or summarize what you just learned).

Mailing List

Each week the newsletter will focus on one syllabus area (with one double syllabus area), for an eight-week rotation of all topics, which you can sign up for in the sidebar (if it isn’t up soon, it will be). At the end of eight weeks, we will have focused on the entire syllabus.

Contact Us

Have any questions, concerns, or comments about our work? Feel free to reach out at

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